Sustainable is not enough!

When looking back 10 years, we see that sustainable design was the way of the future. If we look 30 years in the future, sustainable design won’t be enough; in fact, it is not enough today.

This project showcases a sustainable development….

dockside g_

But sustainable is not enough anymore!!. Soon another trend beyond sustainable design will showcase similar, yet evolved, developments. Maybe using the ILFI’s building or community challenges?







One thought on “Sustainable is not enough!

  1. Agree to a point. As design-builders, we find that the construction community is so risk adverse that real innovation in sustainable building products and construction design is extremely slow to catch on. We just keep putting a different lipstick on the same old pig. Our hope is that we can educate consumers so that change will happen from the bottom up, somewhat like the demand for better electric cars has been a disruptor in the auto industry.


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